PizzaExpress to hire 1,000

The restaurant chain in the UK has reopened after a long period


PizzaExpress, which has reopened after a long period of shutdown in the UK, is all set to hire about 1,000 personnel to operate its outlets. The fast food chain had undergone a financial restructuring that resulted in closure of about 100 outlets/restaurants.

At least 300 of the new recruits will be covered under the UK government’s Kickstart scheme, which is offering six months of financial assistance to help pay wages of new recruits in the 16 to 24-year age bracket.

Hospitality businesses across the UK are rushing to bring back furloughed employees and recruit new ones in anticipation of a bump in demand as lockdowns end, with many fearing staff shortages as a result of workers leaving the industry.

Last year, as part of a financial restructuring, PizzaExpress’ ownership was changed and in the process about 2,400 employees were rendered redundant.

It has now reopened about 118 restaurants in England, most of which are outdoor facilities, and plans to resume services in the remaining outlets if indoor services are permitted next month. Demand and business have been on the rise.

The country expects there to be a talent crunch if something is not done immediately to prepare a talent pipeline over the next one year or so, especially in the hospitality sector which was the worst hit, globally. About 43 per cent of the total jobs lost in the UK was in the hospitality space alone. The demand for staff in the hospitality sector has reportedly gone up, with 400 per cent more hospitality employers trying to hire through the UK government’s Kickstart scheme.

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