Pluralsight lets go of 400, CEO takes full responsibility of layoff

The online education company is laying off 20% of its workforce


Pluralsight, the online education platform catering to developers and IT professionals, is letting go 400 people from its workforce. Aaron Skonnard, CEO, Pluralsight, has reportedly admitted to being responsible for the decisions that have landed the Company in such a situation.

The Company, which offers upskilling and reskilling options to professionals, was recently valued at over $1 billion. And now this announcement of cutting 20 per cent of jobs at the Company is coming as a surprise.

Launched about 18 years ago, the Company reportedly incurred losses to the tune of $163.5 million in 2019 and $164 million in 2020, respectively, as per the US SEC data.

The CEO has conveyed to the employees that this layoff had to be resorted to because of the economic challenges posed by the global market.

With no signs of these challenges abating and fear of recession looming large, the Company has had to restructure and reduce headcount.

Skonnard has reportedly been very apologetic about the exercise and has admitted to having let his workforce down.

Employees will be given more details via meetings to be held soon.

The online education company’s website has been offering various courses to software developers, information technology administrators, as well as creative professionals who wish to upgrade or upskill themselves.

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