Twitter firings over, Musk now actively hiring talent, seeking referrals

Musk has asked existing employees to refer people for roles in engineering and sales, and is seeking people with software-writing skills


After making headlines for the controversial firing of employees, Twitter seems to be hiring actively again.

Over the past one month, about two-thirds of the Twitter staff was asked to leave post acquisition by Elon Musk. Musk had issued an ultimatum saying that those who wish to stay on at Twitter should be ready to put in extra hours and follow a ‘hardcore’ work culture or accept the severance pay being offered and leave. Post this, A significant number of engineers and techies had preferred to put in their papers enmasse and exit last week, rather than stay on and work under such a rigid regime.

Now, Twitter has reportedly fired all the employees it had intended to, and is ready to start taking on new hires in sales and engineering.

The Verge also reported that Twitter will not fire any more employees and will not move its headquarters to Texas in the near future. In the past, Tesla had moved the corporate headquarters from Silicon Valley to Texas because of lower taxes there.

Whether Twitter will have two headquarters in the future, at Texas and California, remains to be seen.

As per the report, Musk has encouraged employees to bring in referrals. He said that Twitter is seeking people with software-writing skills on priority.

A few of the laid-off employees filed a class-action lawsuit against Twitter as they were not paid the two months’ severance pay and other benefits that were promised to them on termination of employment.

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