People Business brings Nexus to India


Unlike the ‘top down’ approach of a traditional survey, Nexus ignites engagement at the bottom of the organisation.

How about an employee engagement survey done at 10 in the morning, its outcome being discussed by noon and strategies put into place accordingly?

Nexus, a proprietary tool of The Coffman Organisation, has been launched in India by the HR consultancy firm, People Business. The tool allows companies to begin the survey process at the most local level and then roll up the results for the overall company, departments and reporting structures.

The other advantage is that after each employee completes the survey, a confidential report is sent to each individual employee on their state of engagement, along with suggestions on how they can increase their own connection to work, the team and the organisation.

Akhilesh Mandal

Akhilesh Mandal, president, People Business, says, “The ultimate purpose of employee engagement surveys is not measurement, but improvement in the culture and energy available to the organisation. Nexus was built with this purpose in mind— impact is the focal point beginning with the survey itself, and fast-tracking of the discussion and conversation promotes teamwork and positive change.”

Nexus not only claims to be highly customisable and flexible but also involves the leaders, managers and local work teams.

“It ignites engagement where it legitimately belongs, that is, at the bottom of the organisation; and makes it ‘viral’ across the organisation in a very asynchronous manner, in contrast to the ‘top down’ approach of a traditional survey,” claims Mandal.

Nexus includes a set of items found to be linked to high-performing individuals. These items are capable of measuring the team collaboration, performance, and local workgroup engagement that drive significant business outcomes.

The results include talent retention, absenteeism, sales and margin growth rates, customer engagement and retention, and individualised development.

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