“Happiness is a science that can be experimented with & proven in a lab,” Murali MS, chief fun officer, Capgemini India

Murali feels, different routes exist to make an individual happy, and as the chief fun officer, it is his job to find those routes


Happiness@work is a regular series, where HRKatha talks about how companies are ensuring happiness at work. With work stress and employees’ mental wellbeing becoming a major cause of concern for many Indian companies, happiness of employees at work is something, which can result in better engagement, stronger bonds, improved employee health and overall productivity.

Happiness@work is powered by Happyness.me, a part of the consulting division of House of Cheer Networks, a full-service people, technology, media and entertainment hub specialising in Creation, Curation and Consultancy, to help companies reimagine their business and growth strategy.

As we all know, the new normal pushed companies to tweak their people strategy processes. Capgemini did too, and in a very interesting manner, managing to maintain the morale and energy levels of its workforce during the lockdown.

In this episode, Murali MS, chief fun officer, Capgemini India, shares with Prajjal Saha, founder & editor, HRKatha, some of the flagship initiatives that the Company has taken over the past 15 years, to ensure workplace happiness. Murali also shares how, as the chief fun officer, he strategises and plans to keep more than one lakh employees happy at Capgemini.

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