170 out of the 250 left at Twitter reportedly fired on Friday

Work culture shifts, policies being rolled back and a new wave of layoffs cause confusion at Twitter's India offices.


Since Elon Musk acquired Twitter in late October of this year, it has been difficult for the company’s employees. Days after the acquisition Musk let go of half of their workforce, many working in the India offices. India Today’s tech team reports around 170 out of the 250 employees were let gone. Their sources also say only around 80 employees survived this new wave of layoffs.

The India offices share the same rule set as the US quarters. However India Today reports, the conditions aren’t as bad in the India offices. One of the first benefits Musk rolled back was the ‘days of rest’ policy where employees would get one Monday a month as a holiday.

Soon after the first wave of layoffs, employees at the India offices received an email regarding the closure of the free pantry services. A similar rule was implemented at the San Francisco headquarters. However the same source suggests the pantry services were taken back in November and seem to be back now.

Musk also instructed members of the twitter offices in India to come back to office. The acquisition has caused many work culture shifts at Twitter. Daily work timings also have been implemented. The source says people, especially the engineers, are working a lot.

It is also mentioned that the work culture in India isn’t as bad as that at the HQ. Though Musk has demanded engineers work throughout the weekends too.

Engineers seem to have the hardest time at the India offices, they are asked to run random code checks and push out new features fast at odd hours.

The sources revealed that employees are getting their salary on time but have not received any details on severance pay yet.

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