‘Comfort leave’, ‘back to office plan’ for DigiChefs staff

The policies are introduced to provide relief to the Company’s 60 employees and ensure a healthy work-life balance


DigiChefs, the Mumbai-based independent high-performance creative agency, recently added two new HR policies to its employee benefits programme. All its 60 employees can now avail comfort leave and there is a ‘back to office plan’ to allow them to conveniently return to office.

The ‘comfort leave’, which is for the benefit of the Company’s women chefs allows them to avail leave without any questions asked by simply mentioning ‘comfort leave’ to the managers/leads. The objective is to allow women some time to relax and rest to recharge themselves and return stronger.

The ‘back to office plan’ facilitates the smooth transition of employees from the work-from-home model to the work-from-office model.

Come April 15, and each team at DigiChefs will now work from the office at least twice a week.

Additionally, employees will enjoy flexible timing from 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. The sandwich leave policy has been done away with. Latecomers will not be penalised any more either.

There will be an hour of ‘do not disturb’ or DND daily when preferred by the employees during which period they will not be bothered with official calls, work or emails.

This is yet another way of DigiChefs to “create healthier and happier working conditions for all our team members, be it in our processes or our culture,” says Deep Mehta, co-founder, DigiChefs.

“These policies have been devised in a way that benefits both the organisation and the employees,” Mehta adds.

It is hoped that the policies will “boost the morale of the employees and enable them to contribute better to the organisation.”

The almost seven year-old company has worked with over 400 brands since its launch in 2015 and delivered revenue of over 100 crores.

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