600 shares for each employee of Jinshan Group

This is a show of appreciation for the employees of the Group, who have helped it succeed in the mobile internet space


As the Jinshan group completes ten years in the mobile internet space, there is good news for its employees. Lei Jun, chairman, Jinshan Group, has announced his intention to give 600 shares each to all the employees of the Group. That means, a total of about 4.8 million shares will be distributed. This is the Company’s way of appreciating the employees for their contribution and efforts towards making the Company what it is today.

Ten years ago, Jinshan was only a software company. However, after it transformed into a mobile internet firm, under Lei Jun, a decade ago, its revenue has increased from less than a billion to over 12 billion. The Company acknowledges that it couldn’t have been possible without the efforts of the employees.

Earlier this month, Lei Jun had announced that he would reward over 3,000 employees of Xiaomi, who had performed exceptionally well, with 70 million shares. Also, as part of the Young Engineer Incentive Plan, he had personally given away over 16 million shares to 700 extraordinary young engineers.

The Group’s businesses include games, office applications, as well as cloud services. Its game business has posted a 41 per cent increment in terms of operating income in the last one decade. Its share price has been around $7.046 per share ever since it went public on NASDAQ in 2020.

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