IndiGo pilots’ salaries will be restored to pre-COVID levels in 3 months

By November, the pilots can look forward to their salaries being reinstated in two instalments of 6% increment each


The pilots at IndiGo can now look forward to their salaries — which were cut by up to 40 per cent for some, to help tide over the financial pressures caused during the pandemic — being restored to pre-pandemic levels by November 2022.

The airline has already partially restored salaries, and has now announced that the same would be further restored.

Through two increments of six per cent each, first in September and then in November, the pilots will see their salaries returning to what it was before the pandemic struck.

The Airline is confident of becoming profitable soon, in spite of the rising fuel costs. It has reportedly posted a market share of 56.3 per cent in the first quarter. This is more than two per cent higher than the previous quarter. About nine per cent of total expenditure went into employee costs in the last quarter.

About 18 million passengers travelled by its flights, which is again over 37 per cent more than the previous quarter. That means, the travel sector is picking up quite fast, with revenge travelling happening all over the world.

Employee costs at IndiGo stood at 9.4 percent of total expenses in the last quarter.

In April, the Airline had reinstated the pilots’ salaries by eight per cent. At the time, the pilots were assured that the salaries would be restored by an additional 6.5 per cent with effect from November 2022.

However, with the carrier certainly on a growth path and appearing to have gained stability, the layover and other allowances were also restored last month.

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