Kirloskar Oil Engines allots fully paid-up equity shares via ESOPs

The company’s capital surged due to recent allocations. Previously, 14,48,37,759 equity shares at Rs 2/share were valued at Rs 28,96,75,518


In an exchange filing, Kirloskar Oil Engines announced that it has issued 32,268 fully paid-up equity shares with a face value of Rs 2 each. These shares were allotted as a result of the exercise of employee stock options under the Kirloskar Oil Engines-employee stock option plan 2019.

As a consequence of this recent allocation, there has been a notable surge in the issued and subscribed capital of Kirloskar Oil Engines. This significant shift is marked by a transition from the prior state, where the company’s capital was represented by 14,48,37,759 equity shares, each possessing a nominal value of Rs 2. This accumulation of shares aggregated to an overall capital value of Rs 28,96,75,518. However, in the wake of this development, a transformation has taken place, culminating in a revised count of 14,48,70,027 equity shares, all boasting a nominal value of Rs 2. This adjusted assemblage has now led to a cumulative capital value of Rs 28,97,40,054.

Furthermore, this augmentation in capital is paralleled by an increase in the paid-up capital of the company. Previously, the paid-up capital was composed of 14,48,37,294 fully paid-up equity shares, each valued at Rs 2, which collectively contributed to a total of Rs 28,96,74,588.

On the broader spectrum of the market, on August 10, the valuation of Kirloskar Oil Engines’ shares stood at Rs 444.65. However, it’s noteworthy that this current valuation represents a marginal decline of 0.21 percent in comparison to the preceding valuation. This dynamic encapsulates the ebb and flow of market forces and investor sentiment.

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