Mamata Banerjee unveils promotions and benefits package for state government employees

Amid employee agitation, Mamata Banerjee announces benefits for state government employees, including due DA


Mamata Banerjee, chief minister, West Bengal, has unveiled a range of benefits for state government employees. These include improved promotional prospects, enhanced cashless benefits under the health scheme and perks for SSK (Sishu Siksha Kendras) and MSK (Madhyamik Siksha Kendras) teachers.

The benefits were announced by Mamata Banerjee during a meeting at Nabanna, where she engaged with representatives of employees’ unions loyal to the Trinamool Congress. 

Notably, these benefits were announced amidst ongoing agitation by a group of state government and state-aided institute employees who were demanding their rightful dearness allowance.

The state government has revised its modified career advancement scheme (MCAS), ensuring guaranteed promotions for employees at intervals of 8, 15, and 24 years of service, instead of the previous schedule of 8, 16, and 25 years.

Furthermore, the limit for cashless benefits under the West Bengal health scheme has been increased from Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh.

In addition to these changes, a comprehensive set of benefits has been announced specifically for approximately 70,000 teachers working at MSKs and SSKs in remote areas. These educational institutions are managed by the school education and minority affairs departments.

SSK and MSK teachers will receive a guaranteed three percent annual increment and a one-time payment of Rs 3 lakh upon retirement. These benefits are seen as significant, especially with upcoming panchayat polls approaching. These teachers play a crucial role in teaching at villages where formal schools are not present.

Insiders suggest that the ruling establishment is strategically reaching out to these influential teachers ahead of the rural polls, making it a smart move. The announcement holds importance for the ruling establishment due to the ongoing agitation by a section of employees demanding their rightful DA.

According to state government employees, they receive dearness allowance (DA) that is 38 per cent lower than what central government employees receive.

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