Delhi’s ‘Rozgaar Budget’ to create 20 lakh jobs in 5 years

Of the total population of 1.68 crore, the aim is to ensure that 76 lakh become employed instead of the current 56 lakh, with an allocation of Rs 800 crore for creating job opportunities


The Delhi Budget, with its focus on job creation, has been aptly called the ‘Rozgaar Budget’ by Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia.

The budget aims to increase the working population of the State from 33 per cent to 45 per cent. In other words, it offers a framework to ensure that 20 lakh people are provided jobs in the next five years. To make this happen, a budget of Rs 800 crores has been allocated towards creating jobs in retail, real estate, logistics, travel and tourism, food and beverages, supply, entertainment and green energy sectors.

Apart from focussing on job creation in these eight sectors, the state government has worked out an agenda that would give a push to economic recovery post the pandemic and the adverse effects of GST and demonetisation. The objective is to give a boost to business, trade and industry so that more business and employment opportunities arise.

The schemes part of this budget will not only create new business opportunities for Delhi’s youth, but will be advantageous to the existing and established businesses too.

An employment audit will also be launched to review the work being done across departments and take stock of the jobs being offered every financial year.

Of the total population of 1.68 crore in Delhi, only about 56 lakh have a job of some kind. Through this budget, the state government hopes to increase this figure to 76 lakh, that is an increase from the present 33 per cent to 45 per cent.

This budget hopes to make Delhi a hub for retailers and wholesalers, especially in the food space.

Additionally, the budget will address the issues related to free education, water, electricity, healthcare, and safety of women.

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