Indian dating app upholds D&I agenda, maintains gender ratio of 1:1 in team

The team at Aisle has members from over 10 states in India and possessing knowledge of at least two languages


Aisle, the Bangalore-based Indian dating app, is taking its diversity and inclusion (D&I) agenda quite seriously. Its 21-strong team comprises members from over 10 Indian states and a gender ratio of 1:1. Most of its team members are proficient in at least two languages, which makes the Company more capable of catering to different cultures and regions, in terms of their product.

In 2021, Aisle launched three customised vernacular dating apps — ‘Arike’, ‘Anbe’ and ‘Neetho’ for Malayalee, Tamilian and Telugu singles, respectively.

With team members coming from states such as Assam to the Andamans, there is diversity in terms of culture, language and beliefs. This cultural diversity has helped the Company build

customized experiences for Indian singles from different regions in the country.

Able Joseph, founder and CEO, Aisle, reveals that, “From the very start, we have been transparent with our employees and focused on making everyone feel connected to the vision of Aisle. As we have grown it has become increasingly clear that having people from all walks of life in the company has helped with more perspectives on different topics, which in turn has helped solve problems more efficiently and creatively.”

Able admits that the culturally diverse team has “brought in new ways of thinking with a diverse set of solutions to everyday problems, which has enabled us to introduce more region-specific features for our audiences”.

Taking the middle path between a dating app and a traditional matrimonial site, the high-intent dating app is built for Indians by Indians and is designed for people of Indian origin from around the world who are looking for serious relationships. Customised for Indian sensitivities, its proprietary algorithm allows users to celebrate their diversity by prioritising results based on mother tongue to hobbies and interests. Aisle has over 6.5 million users, of which 9 per cent are NRIs from across 100 countries.

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