Gig workers rally in Kolkata to demand fair treatment 

They wish to be established as ‘delivery workers’ rather than mere ‘partners’, advocating equitable treatment


Many workers who deliver items through app-based platforms feel that the government hasn’t done enough to help them with their problems. A lot of these workers, who are part of the gig economy and work informally, assembled at Krishnapada Memorial Hall in Kolkata. They met to share their concerns and talk about ways to make their movement stronger in West Bengal.

Their primary aim was to assert their rightful identity as ‘delivery workers’ rather than mere ‘delivery partners,’ reflecting their desire for better recognition and fair treatment.

The workers were determined to strengthen their collective movement, particularly within the region of West Bengal. Chaired by Debanjan Chakraborty, the rally provided a platform for these workers to discuss and strategise approaches that could bring about positive change in their working conditions.

Sagnik Sengupta, the Kolkata district secretary of the All India Gig Workers’ Union, played a pivotal role in presenting a comprehensive proposal during the convention. This proposal likely outlined key demands and potential solutions to the challenges faced by gig economy workers, aligning with their goal of enhancing their status and rights within the industry.

The convention’s roster of speakers included influential figures who lent their support to the cause. Debasis Roy, general secretary, CITU Kolkata District Committee, was one such speaker. His presence underscored the broader labour movement’s engagement with the struggles of gig workers, potentially signalling a collaborative effort to address the issue.

A prominent leader associated with the All India Gig Workers’ union also spoke at the event. His perspective shed light on the challenges faced by gig workers on a national scale, emphasising the need for a cohesive and unified approach to address their concerns.

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