A resume printed on a cake?

Looks like video resumes are passé, innovative candidates are now sending edible resumes to their employers


A job applicant in the US has taken innovation to another level by sending an edible resume to a prospective employer. Karly Pavlinac Blackburn, who was seeking a job at Nike, printed her resume on a cake!

Blackburn shared a picture of the cake on LinkedIn along with a post on her unique mode of application.

In her post, Blackburn admits that Nike was not hiring for any positions at the time, but she wanted to try her luck and offer her candidature and let them know of her abilities.

She had found out that the Company was celebrating Just Do It day (JDI), and since she “wanted to find some way for the team to know who I was”, she thought out of the box. “What better way than to send a cake to a big party,” reads her post.

Blackburn had researched and found out that the event would be attended by the important people of Nike along with various megastars and was determined to get her resume through to the right people. Thanks to her friend’s advice, to “show up in a creative way”, her resume has now gone viral.

Fortunately for Blackburn, the delivery partner who was to deliver the cake for her at the event went out of her way to ensure that the unique resume reached the right hands. Whether Blackburn did land a job or not is yet to be known.

Recently, another job applicant who grabbed a lot of attention was Casey who had applied for a small job that paid minimum wages, at a small clothing store. But when the store asked her to send a video resume, she decided to use the video to vent out her frustration at how even small stores had such high expectations from applicants.

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