Amazon relocates workers at Seattle downtown area over safety concerns

There are increasing instances of criminal violence around the area


Amazon has decided to relocate its employees at the Seattle downtown area in the US as the number of crime and violent cases have increased in the past one month in and around the place.

Sharing a statement with the media, Amazon has confirmed that it will relocate its employees working at 300 Pine Street, which is about half a mile from its main headquarters on Seventh Avenue, to work in offices elsewhere.

As per news reports and police records, there have been multiple cases of robbing, stabbing and shooting near 3rd and Pine area which includes an incident where a 15 year boy was shot at the intersection where the Amazon office is located.

As per the company, the decision of relocating employees has been taken considering the matter of safety of employees. As per the company’s statement, till the time the situation gets normal, Seattle area employees will work in offices elsewhere.

As per the police records of Seattle area there have been at least three shootings, two stabbings, and one carjacking in the area since February 21.

There are about 1800 Amazon employees assigned to the Seattle office but some of the employees are working remotely.

Moreover, it has also been reported in the media that other companies also faced similar problems in that area and had to shut their operation. For instance, McDonalds also closed its outlet in the Seattle area citing inability to keep their workers safe.

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