Apple suppliers hiring over 40,000 in Vietnam

Most of the current recruitment is happening in Bac Giang, a tech assembly hub in Vietnam


Apple suppliers, Foxconn and Luxshare are on a major hiring spree in Vietnam. Despite a slump in the demand for electronics, both the facilities aim to hire over 40,000 employees.

The move comes amidst Apple being pressurised to diversify its manufacturing beyond China. Hence, both its largest supplier facilities are aggressively expanding their workforce in Vietnam to fulfil increased orders for AirPods and chargers.

According to local reports, Foxconn is in the process of hiring approximately 24,500 assembly workers in the northern region, whereas Luxshare will be recruiting 24,000 workers.

Vietnam is reportedly amongst the largest production centres for smart devices, catering to brands such as Apple and Samsung.

Furthermore, the majority of the current recruitment efforts will be focused in Bac Giang, an emerging tech assembly hub. Many workers come here from distant regions in pursuit of more lucrative and comfortable employment compared to farming.

This province will also see Foxconn and Luxshare operate multiple factories engaged in the assembly of Apple Watches, AirPods and Apple chargers.

Luxshare has been actively seeking new employees since July, with the aim of filling hundreds of positions daily. Yet, it has reportedly achieved only about half of that target.

To streamline their recruitment processes and introduce additional incentives to attract talent, Foxconn’s subsidiary, New Wing Interconnect Technology, has relaxed its age and experience requirements. It is offering monthly salaries up to 10 million dong ($415). Additionally it has also arranged dormitories for migrant workers and shuttle buses for transportation.

Furthermore, the Taiwanese laptop assembler, Wistron, has also allowed people with small tattoos to be added to the workforce. This is a notable exception considering how strict the industry is about its no-tattoo policies. In areas such as Bac Giang, ads for tattoo- removal services are common.

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