Crackdown on sham jobs: 436 companies fined in UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources in the UAE has successfully retrieved Dh2.3 million in fake employment cases, penalising companies for breaching Emiratisation policies under the Nafis programme.


According to the United Arab Emirates’ Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE), approximately 107 Emiratis who had availed themselves of the Nafis programme benefits were found to have unknowingly accepted fraudulent positions within the private sector.

Since the latter half of 2022, the ministry has imposed penalties on around 436 private companies for violating Emiratisation policies outlined in the Nafis scheme. As part of this initiative, the ministry has also managed to recover Dh2.3 million in financial support from Emiratis who, as part of the Nafis programme, unwittingly took up counterfeit positions within the private sector.

The Emirati salary support scheme under Nafis is designed to bolster the earnings of Emirati nationals seeking employment and participating in training programs within the private sector. Those engaged in full-time positions are eligible for supplemental income, bridging the gap between their actual salary and the specified target salary, up to a predetermined ceiling. This benefit applies to Emiratis earning less than Dhs30,000 per month.

Nafis aims to empower UAE nationals to assume roles within the private sector, ultimately enhancing the UAE’s human development framework. The initiative seeks to establish a productive and sustainable Emirati human capital within the private sector, empowering UAE citizens to contribute effectively to the job market.

In a statement, the MoHRE asserted, “Our systems diligently monitor companies’ compliance with the recruitment of Emiratis for genuine positions, ensuring the timely disbursement of salaries as per their contracts through the Wage Protection System (WPS), as well as maintaining a digital connection between the Ministry and pension funds in the UAE.”

The Ministry intends to initiate legal action against any instances of fake Emiratisation.

MoHRE has urged UAE citizens to remain vigilant against fake Emiratisation job offers, encouraging the public to report violations of Emiratisation policies through authorised channels.

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