Elon Musk’s first interaction with Twitter staff on 16 June

The CEO of Tesla will field questions directly from the employees during this virtual meeting


Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla, will address the employees of Twitter for the first time since his bid to acquire the social-media company earlier this year.

The virtual meeting is scheduled for 16 June, 2022 as informed by Parag Agrawal, CEO, Twitter, to his employees. It is reported by Business Insider that Musk will be taking questions directly from the employees during this maiden interaction.

Last week media reports said that Musk’s deal with Twitter, to purchase the latter had been put on hold because he had threatened to drop the deal altogether. He had warned that he may not go through with the deal at all if Twitter is unable to furnish the data on spam and fake accounts.

Following Musks’ demand, Twitter is reportedly going to allow Musk to access its “firehose” data containing over 500 million tweets posted daily, and information on the accounts and devices from which the tweets come.

Rumours have been rife that Musk is delaying the takeover till this data is made available so that he can settle the deal for a lower amount. As per the agreement, Musk will have to see the deal through unless he can prove that he has been cheated or hoodwinked in some way.

Meanwhile Musk’s lawyers reportedly claim that Twitter is trying to resist yielding to Musk’s demands, and that Musk is only asking for information or data that he is entitled to as per the agreement.

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