Lloyds Bank to hire 600 people at new tech centre in Hyderabad

The centre in Hyderabad aims to hire 600 specialists in technology, data, and cyber security by 2023-end


Lloyds Banking Group, based in the UK, has made the decision to invest in a new technology centre located in Hyderabad. This move is part of the group’s £3 billion strategic investment plan over the next three years, aimed at transforming its digital services, as stated in its official announcement.

With a user base of over 20 million digitally active individuals, the group plans to initially hire approximately 600 highly skilled professionals specialising in technology, data, and cyber security roles. This expansion aims to enhance the overall customer experience and bolster the group’s internal technical capabilities.

Ron van Kemenade, GCOO, Lloyds Banking Group, emphasised the importance of the investment in the new technology centre in Hyderabad. He acknowledged India’s emergence as a technology innovation hub and expressed a desire to leverage this trend to meet evolving customer needs and support long-term growth strategies.

The Lloyds Technology Centre, situated in Hyderabad, is set to employ 600 specialists in technology, data, and cyber security by the end of 2023. According to the bank’s statement, the facility will primarily focus on developing an in-house technical capacity to enhance the customer experience.  

Kemenade expressed enthusiasm for the company’s major technology transformation and highlighted the wealth of opportunities in Hyderabad, given its highly talented engineers and impressive technology ecosystem. He emphasised that as Lloyds expands its presence in the region and creates additional roles, it will contribute to the local job market.

Recruitment efforts are currently underway for the leadership team, along with broader recruitment plans in preparation for the technology centre’s opening later this year.

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