UK to make flexibility at work a right for employees

Employees in Britain will have the right to demand flexibility at work


The UK government is planning to make changes to its labour and employment arrangements. One of the major changes, which is likely to happen, is to make flexible working a default in an employment contract. That means, employees will have the right to ask for flexible work arrangements from day one of their job.

As per the official statement of the UK government, flexible work arrangements will not be limited to work from home or a hybrid work arrangement alone, but will include job-sharing, flexitime, as well as working compressed, annualised, or staggered hours.

Making flexible working a right for all employees will benefit millions of employees and workers. It will help people who have extra responsibilities, such as care givers. Those taking care of the elderly at home will be benefited the most.

More flexibility at work will also reduce the gender pay gap. As per the UK government, the gender pay gap is the widest in Britain. With flexibility, women will be able to progress in their work efficiently.

Additionally, contract workers will also enjoy the flexibility to work for more employers and earn more.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak feels that making flexibility at work a default will help employees be more productive and happy at their workplace.

Many surveys have revealed that employees are hesitant to demand flexibility at work, even if they need it, but this change will help them reduce their anxiety.

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