Walmart to expand InHome service in the US, hire 3,000+ drivers

The retailer already has 100 drivers, who help deliver to about six million homes


Walmart is gearing to enhance its home delivery facility, for which it needs more drivers in its already 100-strong fleet. It plans to hire at least 3,000 drivers in the US for its fleet of electric delivery vans that will deliver groceries to 30 million homes by end of 2022. With its present team of drivers it is able to serve about six million homes.

As part of its InHome delivery services, Walmart’s customers allow a one-time access to Walmart employees using a smart lock or an InHome lock. As a resut, the groceries are delivered to the homes (and sometimes even placed inside the garage refrigerators) even if the customers are not available at their homes at the time of delivery. The trained Walmart associates are able to unlock the doors of the customers’ homes or garages using a one-time code thanks to smart technology. The customers receive a notification on their apps and they can watch the entire delivery process via the camera worn by the delivery personnel.

The retailer has tried out the InHome service in certain markets for two years with great success. It is a hit with customers who do not wish to travel to the store, especially amidst the raging pandemic.

The Arkansas-based retail chain needs more people to help make its customers’ lives more convenient through the InHome service.

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