Will Google resort to layoffs?

The CEO of Google has indicated that to make the Company 20% more productive, it may have to reduce headcount


In a bid to make Google 20 per cent more efficient, the tech major may have to resort to job cuts.

Admitting that the pace of growth at Google had reduced, Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, has indicated that the endeavour to make the Company 20 per cent more productive will require better management of the various macroeconomic factors.

While there seems to be revenue growth, it has clearly been lesser than expected.

That is why, the Company is looking at trimming the workforce a bit so that it is in a better position to prioritise the relevant things and focus on employee productivity and overall organisational efficiency.

About two months ago, the Company had conveyed to the workers that it was time to get serious about performance or be prepared to leave. Pichai had, in August, indicated that Google has more employees than it has work, while expressing concern about the ‘below expectations’ productivity of the workforce.

Pichai had at the time conveyed to the employees that the fact that productivity is way lower than it should be is a cause for concern, considering the size of the workforce. Revealing that the Company has been unable to achieve the set targets despite such a large team, he had gone on to urge employees to actively work towards a culture that is more focussed on the mission of the Company as well as on its products and customers.

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