Infosys terminates hundreds of freshers

Termination of fresh hires by Infosys amid failed internal assessment tests and poor performance


Indian IT giant, Infosys, has reportedly terminated hundreds of freshers in recent months after they failed an internal fresher assessment (FA) test, according to a report by Business Today. The report cites that 600 employees were terminated in total, with 280 being let go last month and 150 being fired in the first week of this month after failing the test. This comes after a similar action by Wipro, which fired 452 employees for poor performance, though media reports suggest that close to 800 freshers were terminated.

The employees who were laid off claim that they were not fired because of the internal test, but the company representative stated that the company has always fired employees who did not clear the fresher assessment. Meanwhile, there are hundreds of freshers who have been waiting for onboarding for the past eight months, now facing a gap of close to one year without any income.

It is important to note that the terminations have sparked concern among the IT community, with some calling for better training and development programs for freshers to ensure their success in the industry.

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