More firings at Twitter on the managerial front

After getting the list of top performers from his managers, Musk dismissed those managers and replaced them with the very same employees who had been recommended


Despite stating previously that he was finished with firing people from Twitter, Elon Musk has made it to the headlines again. Continuing with more firings and dismissals, Musk has terminated around 50 high-level managers and executives at the social media company in late February, reported iNews.

Reportedly, Musk requested that top executives and managers at Twitter recommend the best members of their teams for promotion. However, once he received the list, Musk proceeded to dismiss those managers and replace them with the very same employees who had been recommended.

Musk’s reasoning behind this decision is straightforward: the 50 top-level managers and executives who were fired were earning high salaries, although not as high as their predecessors. They were replaced by employees who were earning significantly lower salaries, but their remuneration structures remained unchanged.
As per iNews story, Musk also terminated Esther Crawford, a staunch supporter of Musk and the Chief Executive of Twitter Payments.

This has resulted in a predicament that Musk had originally aimed to avoid. Essentially, he removed administrators and managers under the belief that they were not crucial to the business process, and then assigned some of the best developers and engineers to take on administrative roles. As a result, his top developers are now stuck in administrative positions.

This is concerning given that Twitter requires more developers and engineers, and it is crucial for its best engineers to remain focused on coding. Over the last six months, Twitter has experienced some of its worst outages in decades. The most recent global outage was caused by a single engineer who was responsible for installing a new API, running it, and diagnosing any resulting issues.

Apparently, Musk has been declaring on Twitter that he is finished with firing individuals and is instead focused on creating a skilled and adaptable team that can lead Twitter to greater success. Nonetheless, those who are still employed at Twitter are sceptical of Musk’s statements.

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