Tata Motors Finance will train 25000 drivers in India

As part of project Akanksha, a holistic skill training programme, the Company will train drivers in multiple cities


As part of the flagship skill development programme at Tata Motors Finance, the non-banking finance company, more than 25000 drivers will be skilled and trained in various skills required to make a successful career as a commercial vehicle driver.

Tata Motors Finance is conducting this skill-based training in collaboration with Collective Good Foundation (CGF), Samhita.

As part of the holistic skill-training programme, it covers some of the critical aspects such as financial literacy, entrepreneurship, occupation-related skills as well as life skills.

The programme is designed to uplift and safeguard the financial interests of the drivers’ community in India. The programme will include a mix of academic and practical-based learning modules to train drivers in a holistic way.

Punit Puri, CHRO, Tata Motors Finance, believes that India is witnessing a rapidly growing network of roads and highways. Given the boom in the e-commerce segment, he predicts that the commercial vehicle industry will witness growth, and the Company wants to ensure that the Indian drivers’ community is prepared to make the most of it.

He further shared that as per recent EY and ASDC reports, there are some essential skills such as basic mechanics, financial management, vehicle detailing, transport management and more which complement the driving skilsl of the drivers and can ensure success. In the next three years, project Akanksha will focus on filling this skill gap.

With the economy opening up since the pandemic, it is expected that the commercial vehicle industry will grow at 18 per cent in the coming year and drivers need to be trained to make full use of it.

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