LinkedIn to allow free job postings for critical roles, till June

The professional networking site is offering free postings for critical positions, including healthcare and disaster-relief roles.


LinkedIn will allow free job postings till June 30, to help fill critical positions in the healthcare, essentials delivery and non-profit disaster relief space. Considering the ongoing crisis and the need for people in the healthcare space, supermarkets, warehousing and freight delivery, as well as entities involved in disaster relief, the professional networking platform will be carrying job postings free of cost for the next three months. This will ensure that the right people can be found and hired, to play the roles critical to the control of this outbreak.

At a time when there is dearth of people in the frontlines, LinkedIn is doing its bit to fill the urgent positions that are open.

LinkedIn will also help job seekers possessing the right skills to quickly find open roles by promoting them on the ‘Jobs’ page. Roles, such as that of doctors and nurses will automatically become part of the ‘urgent’ jobs list, which will be visible to the LinkedIn members possessing the relevant skills. These members will also receive automatic real-time alerts and e-mails to enable them to apply without delay.

LinkedIn is also offering access to LinkedIn Talent Insights till June 2020, so that healthcare staffing firms receive real-time data and insights to help them zero in on the right healthcare professionals.

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