NASSCOM and IFIM partner to train 10000 students in analytics


The ‘train the trainer’ programme will run courses to increase employability of the people.

With the aim of skilling 10,000 postgraduate students, the IFIM business school has collaborated with Nasscom and the Central Government to become a licensed training partner in Karnataka.

IFIM, in partnership with Nasscom has started a ‘Train the trainer’ programme, where it runs three courses for—associate analytics, junior data analytics and recruitment associate.

Having relevant skills is critical for succeeding at the workplace, where advanced technology is being adopted constantly by organisations. This partnership between the Government and the private institutions to skill the workforce will enhance the employability of the people.

With huge amounts of data generated daily, the importance of data analytics is rising rapidly. The demand for data analysts is also increasing in the industry. The analytics market currently stands at $ 1.64 billion annually in revenues, at a growth rate of 28.8 per cent CAGR as per the Analytics India Industry Study 2016.

The skillsets required are constantly changing with the advancement in technology. As per the Gartner study, 70 per cent of the workforce will be obsolete and useless by 2020. The Indian IT industry is facing a huge challenge because it doesn’t have talent with modern skills. Huge layoffs by IT firms was the result we saw few months back due to the obsolete skills of employees. 

Sanjay Padode, secretary, Centre for Developmental Education, IFIM Institutions, said “As data becomes the new fuel in running industries, the need for professional knowledge of analytics and utilising it in artificial intelligence gains in importance. Largely, it will define how the existing businesses upgrade to incorporate AI and use analytics.”

The Karnataka Government is also setting up a Centre of Excellence in IoT, robotics, cybersecurity, data analytics and aerospace.

Priyank Kharge, IT/BT and tourism minister said, “The State has the potential to create 20,000 startups by 2020 and will leverage the ?2,000-crore fund for startups in addition to fostering industry partnerships”.

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