‘No promotions for staff if they don’t return to office’: Amazon

Amazon employees will need approval from the vice president for promotion.


Failure to return to the office may hinder Amazon employees’ chances of receiving promotions. Amazon has clarified that employees who do not adhere to the work-from-office guidelines will require approval from the vice president for promotions.

Amazon has conveyed to the employees that managers are responsible for the promotion process. This entails supporting employees’ growth through regular discussions, stretch assignments, and fulfilling all necessary inputs for a promotion.

Additionally, the company stated that if employees whose roles require 3+ days of presence in the office fail to comply, their managers will be notified, and approval from a vice president will be necessary.

Amazon implemented a work-from-home policy in February 2023, making it mandatory for employees to come to the office at least three days a week starting in May.

Following the mandatory work-from-office policy announcement in March, around 30,000 employees petitioned for its reconsideration. They urged the company to abandon the policy. In May, protests in the US were organised by Amazon employees against the same policy.

Employees were informed by the company that if individuals cannot adhere to this principle, Amazon may not be the right fit, as the company is moving towards a minimum of three days a week of in-office work.

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