Sanofi India’s Goa plant approves night shifts for women

To ease the transition, the company has asked for the consent of women employees, those willing to work during those times


Starting in December 2023, women will be working during the night shift at Sanofi India’s facility in Goa. This approval makes them the first in Goa to be allowed to work all shifts, including the late evening to early morning shift, from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. This is a significant development for the company.

Renee Amonkar, site director, Sanofi (Pharmaceuticals) plant, Goa, reportedly, the very first woman who has worked at the plant for 25 years, is now leading 47 other women, which reflects a significant transformation.

The Goa facility is the sole Sanofi site in India, where it produces various formulations, including diabetes medications and paracetamol. The site employs 366 people, including 47 women, with 14 in production and 24 in quality-related roles, as reported by Businessline.

The approval for the shift has been given by the chief inspector of factories & boilers, Government of Goa, and is aimed at establishing a more diverse and fair workforce. Additionally, it will also ensure equal opportunities for women colleagues to excel.
The approval will ease the hiring of more women for the facility, contributing to a better gender balance.

The facility usually operates in three shifts – 8 a.m. to-4 p.m.; 4 p.m. to 12 p.m.; and 12 8 a.m.; but this is the first time when women employees will be allowed to work until 10 p.m. Furthermore, to ease the transition, the company has asked for the consent of those women employees who are willing to work during those times.

The company will also be providing counselling to understand and address any concerns or reservations individuals may have. Additionally, the company is actively preparing to meet government-mandated security requirements during this process.

To ensure the safety of all the women employees working late, the company has put specific guidelines in place for picking up and dropping off employees at their doorsteps. The company is also implementing security measures such as having a security guard and a GPS tracking system as part of the transportation arrangements.

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