‘Stay-at-home mom’ is a new field on LinkedIn


LinkedIn has introduced new job titles that will address career gaps due to parenting or other commitments or responsibilities. Fields, such as ‘stay-at-home mom’, ‘stay-at-home dad’ and ‘stay-at-home parent’, will now permit full-time parents and caretakers to describe their jobs with more accuracy.

With the introduction of these titles, LinkedIn hopes to become more inclusive. It will address the needs of women and mothers who have been forced to take a break from work for various reasons, mostly motherhood or because of elderly people at home who require care and support.

Amongst other changes, soon, if a user chooses a ‘stay-at-home’ job description or title, and clicks on ‘self-employed’, there will be no need for that user to specifically mention the name of an employer or organisation.

Other fields that LinkedIn plans to add in the coming weeks include ‘parental leave’, ‘family care’, or ‘sabbatical’, to describe the gaps in career.

The move will help eliminate the stigma attached to employment gaps and allow an opportunity to rebrand. Things are already looking positive in that area, with 79 per cent hiring managers willing to hire candidates with career gaps.

Users of LinkedIn will also be allowed to personalise their resumes with videos for better engagement and impact. An optional field is also being introduced that will allow users to pick a suitable gender pronoun.

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