Swimlane’s R&D centre to grow by 125 people next year


Swimlane, a US-headquartered, AI-enabled company, has inaugurated its new centre in Hyderabad. The firm that facilitates easy set-up of security systems, currently has 75 engineers, which it plans to increase to 200 by the end of 2024.

As per the company’s statement, its new R&D centre will focus on new product development. Additionally, it will also serve as a strategic place to run all operational functions such as engineering and customer support, and managing finances.

The growth of the Hyderabad centre will make the Swimlane Turbine security system with AI even better. This system is already helping security teams worldwide deal with problems such as too many security alerts, too much data, and not having enough staff. The company mentioned how security automation is a very important part of cybersecurity right now. Its India centre will help the company stay ahead in this field.

Swimlane, a company focusing on security automation, uses technology, including artificial intelligence (AI), to make it easier for organisations to manage and respond to security threats and alerts.

Its main product is called Swimlane Turbine, which is a low-code security- automation platform. This platform helps companies deal with security challenges by automating various tasks and using AI to analyse and respond to security incidents.

The company is known for its efforts to improve security operations, reduce alert fatigue, handle large volumes of data, and address staffing shortages in the field of cybersecurity.

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