TTTI’s Toyota Kaushalya programme supports Skill India’s mission

The programme aims to empower students, including female candidates  from rural Karnataka, through holistic development


Toyota Technical Training Institute (TTTI) is deeply committed to supporting the Skill India initiative by actively participating in the Toyota Kaushalya programme. This programme, specifically designed to benefit students from rural regions of Karnataka, serves as a platform for their holistic development and empowerment.

The Toyota Kaushalya programme aims to equip economically disadvantaged students, including female candidates, with the essential skills required to thrive as proficient technicians. TTTI recognises the significance of advanced technologies and the growing demand for skilled professionals in today’s rapidly evolving world. To bridge this gap, TTTI offers world-class skills training to aspiring individuals from rural Karnataka.

The programme encompasses a comprehensive two-year residential course, imparting theoretical knowledge and incorporating practical learning through on-the-job training. Students gain both theoretical understanding and hands-on experience, preparing them for real-world challenges. Experienced supervisors, who are master trainers in their respective field, mentor these students ensuring top-notch training aligned with industrial standards.

The Toyota Kaushalya programme places significant emphasis on nurturing a well-rounded individual by developing high-level skills and in-depth knowledge and promoting overall physical and mental well-being. TTTI believes that a healthy body and mind contribute to the overall success and happiness of an individual.

Shankara, senior vice president and chief human resource officer of TKM and TKAP, expressed Toyota’s commitment to cultivating expertise and nurturing young talent. The Toyota Kaushalya programme has been instrumental in developing a pool of industry-ready technicians, contributing significantly to the Skill India Mission, and aligning with Toyota’s values of producing happiness for all.

Graduates of the programme enjoy remarkable employment rates and access to excellent job opportunities within Karnataka, India, and overseas. TTTI’s efforts have been recognised by the Japan India Institute for Manufacturing (JIM), which appreciates their contributions to the Make-in-India and Skill India Mission initiatives.

TTTI also supports economically challenged students from various sections across Karnataka through a regular three-year free training course focusing on holistic development.

Toyota Kaushalya programme was launched in 2021, and admissions for the 2023 programme are currently underway. Students from all corners of Karnataka, including female candidates, are invited to apply and take advantage of this exceptional opportunity for personal and professional growth.

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