Wipro to train workforce in AI, makes major investment

The software giant aims to incorporate AI into its product offerings and internal operations


Wipro, India’s third-largest software services company, has announced a major initiative to train its entire workforce in artificial intelligence (AI). With a budget of USD 1 billion over the next three years, Wipro aims to provide AI training to all of its 250,000 employees and incorporate the technology into its product offerings.

To achieve this, the software company will bring together 30,000 employees from various teams, such as cloud, data analytics, consulting, and engineering, to integrate AI into internal operations and solutions for clients. The comprehensive training programme will cover the basics of AI and its responsible use, ensuring that all employees have the necessary knowledge and skills.

Wipro recognises the significant potential of AI applications like ChatGPT and GitHub Copilot, which can perform routine tasks, reorganise data, generate text, compose music, and create digital art.

To support the training efforts, Wipro will develop a customised curriculum for different roles within the company. Employees will receive credentials through the decentralised identity & credential exchange (DICE) ID platform, validating their AI expertise.

In addition to training, Wipro will utilise its talent crowd platform, Topcoder, to organise hackathons and challenges, encouraging continuous learning among its staff.

This investment in AI training reflects the company’s commitment to enhance its workforce’s capabilities, improve product offerings, and deliver innovative solutions to clients. 

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