Deloitte lets staff in UK work from anywhere forever

Deloitte’s 20,000 employees can come to office whenever they want to. It will not be compulsory for anyone to work for a fixed number of days from office


Deloitte’s 20,000 employees across Britain now have the choice of working from home or from anywhere in Britain for ever, if they so wish to, even post the lifting of COVID-19 related restrictions.

The accounting firm has not made it mandatory for employees to work from office for any specific or fixed number of days. So, staff members have the option of not going to office at all if they so desire, and continue to work from home for good, as long as they are able to serve the needs of their clients.

The Company has come to realise that it is possible to trust the employees and have faith in their decision-making. Deloitte is sure that the employees will be able to achieve work-life balance with this power to choose when to work, where to work from and how much to work.

An internal survey undertaken by Deloitte had revealed that 96 per cent of its employees were keen to enjoy the liberty to choose their work pattern or model, while 81 per cent were looking forward to working from office for up to two days in a week. A significant 86 per cent of the employees ranked ‘collaborating with team colleagues’ and ‘interacting with others’ in the top three ways in which they were desirous of using their office workspace in the future.

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