IT-sector staff in Hyderabad may soon see flexibility ending

The state government appears confident of being able to handle any crisis, if it arises, and is relying on the positive outcome of the large-scale vaccination drives


The Telengana government is expecting people to return to working from office. In fact, by end of September, offices in the information technology (IT) sector are expected to start functioning fully. The dip in the rate of infection and the fact that the people are being vaccinated in large numbers has encouraged offices to seriously consider reopening. Many IT firms have got their employees vaccinated through internal drives, covering their families too. Parallely, they have been preparing the workplace for the staff to return.

There is confidence among employers, as well as authorities that after having successfully handled two waves of the pandemic, the state is ready and well equipped to handle any crisis, if the need arises, and therefore, it is time to return to office.

This comes as a big relief for many small businesses that are dependent on the IT sector for their income, such as cabs, food outlets and security agencies, among others that have been incurring losses ever since the work from home model was adopted.

Not all companies can afford to have all their employees working from home, as it requires relevant facilities and technological support 24×7. Additionally, over a year of working from home is making professionals seek social interaction.

Some multinationals are still undecided whether to reopen before each one of their employees is fully vaccinated, that is, with the second dose of the vaccine. Some feel it is safer to continue with remote work till the number of positive cases falls further.

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