Salesforce to allow staff choice of daily work schedule

The cloud computing company is sure about discarding the 9-to-5 workday for good


Salesforce has decided to allow its employees to choose from three ways of working — flexible, fully remote and office-based. The cloud computing company is clear that it will never return to a 9 to 5 workday routine.

The ‘flex’ option, as the name suggests, will see employees working from office for a few days in a week, say one to three days. These ‘work from office’ days will be for meeting with team members or customers, or for working together on some project or presentations. A majority of the workforce at Salesforce is expected to follow this work model.

The ‘fully remote’ model will see employees working from home or remotely and never coming into office, ‘office-based’ model. This group will comprise employees whose physical presence at the office at least for four days a week is a requirement of their job roles.

In the new normal, the Company has realised that employees stuck to their desks or workstations for eight hours, from morning till evening is not what an “immersive workspace” is all about; and that flexibility is essential to success.

With employees having to take care of many things other than official work, including taking care of the elderly in the house and dropping or picking children from school, it is not fair to expect them to adhere to a strict eight-hour routine. This relaxation will also allow Salesforce to reach out beyond the urban areas or hubs, to hire quality talent.

By giving employees flexibility to choose their work models, the Company is giving them the power to complete the work assigned to them in an efficient yet convenient manner, which only increases overall productivity.

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