Madhav Vamsi follows his passion, joins Aibono

Prior to his role, Vamsi was the head of talent and culture at Swiggy and has an experience of close to 19 years.


Madhav Vamsi has joined agri tech firm, Aibono, as the head of people and community. The firm builds technologies that empower farmers by giving them control over external variables, such as weather, water and soil inputs.

In his new role, Vamsi will be heading the human capital agenda for the firm. “As head of people and community, my role will be to lead human resources, build human capital and nurture the organisation towards a collective faith; to promote a common purpose and mission — that of developing the next dimension of both creation and consumption of fresh food. Besides, I will make best use of the opportunity to build a community of agriculturists and elevate the entire farming and living experience for our farmers,” shares Vamsi

According to Vamsi, this was not a career move but more of a passion-driven step. “Having always been passionate about farming, I have been doing my bit of farming for a few years now. Therefore, joining Aibono is not a typical career move,” admits Vamsi.

Vamsi is proud to be associated with a company, which is working for the greater good of the farming community. “Aibono, as an organisation, is serving a larger cause, which is to reshape the destiny of the Indian farmer. ‘AI’ signifies artificial intelligence and ‘Bono’ means good, implying the use of technology for a greater good,” clarifies Vamsi.

Prior to this role, Vamsi was the head-talent and culture, Swiggy. There, he was responsible for leading the learning and development culture and leveraging HR technologies to make the company future ready. Talent management and building organisation design were his other added responsibilities.

Commenting on his stint with Swiggy, Vamsi says, “Swiggy was a fantastic learning. It was fascinating to be associated with Swiggy’s growth story. When an organisation grows at the pace we grew at Swiggy, a leader is constantly playing the role of a creator. Creation is about pushing your own boundaries. As I look back now, working with phenomenal peer leader groups yielded a lot of what I term as collective learning.”

With almost 19 years of experience serving in various roles of HR, Vamsi has worked with many big companies, such as Microsoft, Flipkart and TCS. Having started his career in 2000, this alumnus of the University of Hyderabad has mostly worked with startups and IT companies.

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