Adani Group celebrates ‘family day’


The message to HR is very clearly now. The route to better employee engagement and building strong relations with employees goes through their families. To any individual, family matters the most.

If anything goes wrong in a person’s family, she/he will leave everything and be there for them.

Many of the companies in the manufacturing sector have been putting in extra efforts to engage with the family members of their employees.

Not one to be left behind, the Adani Group recently celebrated ‘family day’ at its corporate office, where it invited the family members of all the employees. This annual event witnessed cool and exciting activities for the kids and other members of the employees’ familes.

In addition to fun activities for the children, there were parenting sessions in the form of skits.

Exciting gifts were also given away to the participants.

“The line between home and work is getting blurred. Family day at Adani provides opportunity to engage with larger community of our employees. It helps us build very strong and unbreakable relations with our employees,” says a spokesperson from Adani Group.

Family day is celebrated by most of the business verticals of the Group, and this time, even the ports and logistics business joined followed suit.

The activities, concept and the ideation of the event are decided mutually by the employees of the Company. Feedback is taken from the employees on how the event should be conducted and innovations that can be brought about.

According to the company’s official, being asked about what they want and how they want it, creates a sense of inclusion amongst the employees.

“We take feedbacks from our employees on how should we go about the event. They decide what they want and how they want it to be. This creates a sense of inclusion in our employees,” shares the spokesperson.

Apart from building a great relationship with the employees, such activities also give an opportunity to the kids and other family members of the employees to see where their parent(s) are working, what the workplace looks like and in what kind of an environment they are working. The family feels satisfied that their dear ones are spending their working hours in a safe and a healthy environment.

An occasion like this also gives a chance to the families of employees to socialise and get to know one another. This further helps build positive relations amongst the colleagues and enhances the working culture.

This day not only integrates the families of employees with the company, but ensures a sense of belongingness amongst co-workers as they celebrate this day as one big family.

More than the employees, it their family members who are more excited about the event.

“The employees love it and the most interesting part is more than the employees, it is their families who are more excited about it and looking up to this day,” mentions company’s official.

Integration and inclusion of the family is very important now, especially in a country like India, where people are very emotional and the family system is strong.

It should not just be about inviting the family members once a year for an annual event.
You need to dedicate a day and a unique event to them, where you can make them feel special and give them a memorable experience. And most importantly, it has to be done on a continuous basis.

“Such initiatives affect the psyche of the employees. They touch their hearts and emotions. The family day has helped us build great relations with our employees. They do not see their work as just another duty anymore,” concludes the spokesperson.

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