‘Bring In Your Parents Day’ redefines employee engagement at LinkedIn


The global initiative aims to blur the lines between work and personal lives by giving an opportunity to employees to bring in their loved ones to their workplace.

In line with the fact that a workplace is like second home to most, organisations are now seeking to engage with employees in more innovative and emotional ways. LinkedIn recently announced the return of its ’Bring In Your Parents Day’ initiative.

Returning for a fourth year on 4 November, this global initiative aims to blur the lines between work and personal lives of employees by giving them an opportunity to bring their loved ones to their workplace. It offers parents a chance to learn about their child’s work environment; simultaneously providing employers an opportunity to improve their relationship with their current employees.

This year, the ‘Bring in Your Parents’ initiative focusses on meeting the expectations of the millennials at the workplace and their preferences for a work-life blend rather than a work-life balance.

Pat Wadors, SVP Global Talent Organisation, LinkedIn stated in an official blog, “A new generation of employees is rapidly becoming a major part of the global workforce: millennials. Today, they make up 35 per cent of the total US workforce and will rise to 46 per cent by 2020. They have different expectations and perspectives when it comes to the work world and there are unique opportunities for employers to meet them.”

“Millennials tend to blur the lines between their work and personal lives more than other generations, even when it comes to perks. Perks that give millennials an opportunity to informally connect with their colleagues or bring their friends/family into their work life are high on their list of wants,” he added.

LinkedIn worked with the London School of Economics on a research to demonstrate how the ‘Bring In Your Parents Day’, in the past, has benefitted businesses. The survey respondents shared several insights on how inviting parents into the office has improved engagement with the employers. The survey results indicated:

1) The event had a positive impact on the employees as well as their parents.

2) Parents became more emotionally invested in their children’s employer.

3) Participating in the event had reputational value for the business as parents were likely to become brand advocates for the company, further recommending products and services within their network.

Employees are the most important asset to any business. As the number of millennials entering the workforce increases with each day, ensuring that they feel valued, respected, appreciated and engaged is only going to become more important.

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