Air India pilots unhappy with new pay structure, threaten stir

The pilots’ associations refuse to accept the revised pay structure announced recently, calling it unethical and in violation of fair labour practices


The pilots of Air India are not happy with the new pay structure announced recently. The pilots’ associations are, in fact, calling it illegal and unethical. Members of the association are being urged to protest and refuse to accept the revision.

The associations see the revision as an attempt to exploit pilots and weaken the unions, which is against ethical labour practices.

Recently, Air India had rehauled the compensation for pilots as well as cabin crew, which involves a hike in per hour flying rates for pilots. The objective of the revision is to achieve equality, enhance productivity and enhance emoluments. As part of the revision, the guaranteed flying allowance has been doubled from 20 hours to 40. However, it is yet to be restored to pre-pandemic levels, when they could enjoy 70 hours of guaranteed flying.

The experienced pilots, it has been decided, would henceforth be designated as senior commanders. That is not all. They would be eligible for a special monthly allowance too because of the highly responsible and supervisory role they were playing.

According to the airline, many pilots and cabin crew are already in agreement with the revisions, and the company will continue to discuss with the rest of the employees too.

The associations maintain that the revised pay structure has ignored the existing terms and conditions of the offer / appointment letters, and violates labour laws. Therefore, the associations have stated that the airline should expect unrest.

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