ReadyAssist offers free training and a job through Mecademy

Mecademy provides training to those interested in automobile repairing.


At a time when there is a dearth of job opportunities, a Bangalore-based startup has not only been training and upskilling students, but also providing them with employment opportunities. 

ReadyAssist, the 24/7 roadside assistance startup, has been providing jobs to students in need by upskilling them through their in-house training programme, called Mecademy.  

Founded in 2018, by CEO Vimal Singh, the Company has grown from just a seven-member team and 20 mechanics, to housing more than 50 core team members and around 600 + staff in just two years.  

Its in-house learning programme, Mecademy, was launched last year and has already trained around 200 individuals, of which, around 120 are still working with the Company. 

The Company began by hiring mechanics from within the city of Bangalore first, including from authorised service centres and workshops. When the number of mechanics crossed 200 and it still needed 300 more, the realisation dawned that this model of hiring was not working. Thus was born the idea of Mecademy and the need to train interested individuals to repair automobiles and provide them jobs in that area. 

A recruitment team goes to the rural sites to source students — already possessing or still pursuing a diploma or a degree in automobile engineering — and offer them a chance to train and work with the Company. ReadyAssist hires even those with a few academic backlogs and encourage them to clear their dues over the next eight to nine months. Each batch has a maximum of 30 trainees.  

Employees are provided with free food and accommodation during their three-month training at Mecademy, post which they work with the Company in any of the eight cities where it operates. Employees can work till they are able to secure a better opportunity for themselves elsewhere. They are not only taught theory but also provided practical knowledge and exposure. They are imparted scenario-based training, and given a chance to apply the same.  All employees visit Bangalore where the Company has a full-fledged classroom setup. 

ReadyAssist has been in talks with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and Automotive Skills Development Centre (ASDC) to certify its Mecademy courses .

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