AICTE encourages closed private educational institutes to restart again


The infrastructure of these institutes will be used to teach and train youths to make them job ready.

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has been trying hard to improve the standard of education in the technical institutes of the country. Focussing on the quality of education and infrastructure, it made stricter rules for technical institutes to qualify to run and function. Thousands of private technical institutes closed due to these sterner regulations in the last three to four years.

But now, the AICTE has asked owners of the private technical institutes to resume their operations by forming smaller groups. This change in decision aims to use the infrastructure, classrooms, laboratories and other facilities created by these private institutes to run popular courses in engineering and technology for youths, to make them employable and promote entrepreneurship.

The Government is focused on achieving success with regard to the skill development programme it launched earlier. Together with the re-opening of these closed technical institutes it will facilitate the accomplishment of the mission of skill development in the country.

As per the AICTE Chairman, Anil Sahasrabudhe, the idea behind this decision is to see how owners of closed private technical institutes can be brought together to form smaller groups to utilise the infrastructure, they already have. However, the AICTE will not be a partner in the collaboration among the owners of these closed institutes.

The chairman also said that if the owners of the closed institutes come together, they can start offering skill development programmes along with other technical courses that are in demand today.

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