Important tech skills for 2018


A roadmap for professionals unsure of the opportunities ahead and ways in which they can upskill for their dream job.

The workforce is rapidly changing, and that means professionals need to continue learning new skills to stay ahead. To assist people in setting the right foot forward in the New Year, suggestions and blogs from leaders across the globe and industries poured in while LinkedIn also identified the top hard and soft skills that companies are looking for in 2018.

As the modern workplace continues to undergo fundamental transformations, there is an emergence of job categories and functions that require professionals to stay relevant and come armed with a dynamic and hybrid skill set to adapt to changing business needs.

This is a roadmap for professionals who are unsure of the opportunities that lie ahead and ways in which they can upskill for their dream job. Here is what these skills are all about:

1.Cloud and distributed computing

With disruptions in technology, newer IT skills are also going to be in demand. Along with cloud computing, distributed computing is an important skill employers will seek this year. Cloud and distributed computing retained the top spot for two years in a row. Distributed computing is a concept wherein multiple computer systems work on a single problem. In other words, a single problem is divided into many parts, and each part is solved by different computers.

2.Statistical analysis and data mining

While data may be available in abundance with companies leverage big data, a box of treasure holds no meaning unless one has the key to it. Data mining and analysis have now become extremely important for effective data-backed business decision making.

3.Middleware and integration software

Middleware supports and simplifies complex distributed applications. It includes web servers, application servers, messaging and similar tools that support application development and delivery. This is going to be another big area that will require more talent considering the inter-connected world of technology.

4.User interface design

User interface design continues to feature amongst the top five skills for the second time in a row, along with cloud and distributed computing, as well as statistical analysis and data mining. Statistical analysis and data mining moved up three notches from last year’s list, taking over as the second most in-demand hard skill. ‘Web Architecture and Development Framework’ and ‘User Interface Design’ slipped one and three ranks respectively.

This year’s list also witnessed new skills emerging as popular amongst employers, such as software revision control systems, data presentation, SEO/SEM marketing and mobile development.

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