Monthly scholarship for PhD scholars in IITs and IISc increased to Rs 70000


The aim is to develop and retain talent in India.

Developing and retaining talent for higher education has always been a concern for the Central Government. Students are unable to pursue a higher degree or leave the country in the absence of resources and financial assistance to support their studies. Providing proper aid, in terms of resources and financial assistance, can help develop a pool of home-grown talent, which will transform the education in the country.

The Central Government is anxious about not only developing and supporting talent for higher education but retaining the same in the country. It has decided to grant a monthly fellowship of Rs 70,000 to 2000 PhD scholars across IITs in the country and IISc Bengaluru.

This scholarship will be given under the Prime Minister’s Research Fellowship Programme. As per the Ministry of Human Resource Development, students who have passed out of the IITs, NITs, IIITs, and wishing to pursue PhDs in the IITs or IISc Bengaluru, will be given this amount per month, for a period of five years.

As per the current arrangement, the research students at the IITs get Rs 25,000 scholarship per month for the first two years, after which their performance is evaluated. Based on the report card, the amount is increased to Rs 28000 per month for the remaining years.

These scholars are promoted and provided assistance, so as to help grow the best talent and educational institutes in the country, which match international levels.

Already, some of the Indian institutes have brought themselves at par with the global institutes, and many more will soon follow.

Earlier, the Central Government approved a scheme wherein it approved a grant of Rs 1000 crore to support 10 educational institutes each from the private and public sectors, to become ‘Institutes of Eminence’, where they will be ranked among the top 100 institutes, globally. This amount is to be disbursed over a period of five years.


  1. This is excellent initiative taken by Govt, which itself pull factor among to students who want to pursue higher studies

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