Probable sought-after careers of 2016


In 2016, digital marketing courses emerged as one of the most sought after professional courses, followed by Android app development, Big Data & Analytics and The open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF), according to simplilearn. 

It is that time of the year when individuals and professionals do their own SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) analysis and this helps them define their New Year resolution. Eventually they use their analysis to ‘self-upgrade’!

Simplilearn – a certification-training provider has interviewed over 2,000 professionals to find out what their career goals are for 2016.

In 2016, digital marketing course emerged as one of the most sought-after professional courses, followed by Android app development, Big Data & Analytics and The open Group Architectural Framework (TOGAF).

Interestingly, a majority of the inclination towards digital marketing courses came from Hyderabad followed by Bengaluru and Pune. Digital marketing has now become an in-demand skill, used to launch and manage successful businesses online. There is a strong demand for professionals skilled in social media, data analysis, SEO, PPC, e-mail marketing and content marketing in the current job market.

Big data certified professionals come second in the list and professionals from Bengaluru are most keen to take this up. Big data certified professionals are sought after in most of the industries, be it IT, Telecom, e-commerce, Retail or public sector. Effective data crunching and analysis leads us to valuable insights that help the company in finding its own niche area of excellence.

The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF is a professional certification programme on Enterprise Architecture Framework for individuals and organisations launched by the Open Group in 2004. With leading IT giants such as IBM, HP, Oracle, Deloitte, Capgemini and Cisco implementing TOGAF methodologies to transform their business, job opportunities for TOGAF certified professionals have increased multi-folds.

TOGAF certified Enterprise Architects who are skilled in modelling, system integration, applications & role design with project management, are earning a whopping $124,000 compared to their non-certified peers and are most sought-after by Fortune 500 companies.

Similarly, data science is also expected to become the main-stream career option for many professionals; industry believes that its potential is yet to be harnessed. New algorithms are being prepared that are expected to unleash the potential of data science. The median salary for a data scientist is about $95,000 per annum.

Android App Development also features in the list as over 4.88 billion mobile phone users globally, and mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Moreover, using Mobile Apps for everything from shopping to design to playing video games has become commonplace.

The blossoming start-up scene has also contributed a large chunk of the demand for Android app developers, and many of these start-ups are prepared to pay very competitive salaries to deserving candidates. With necessary experience and skills in popular programming languages like Objective C, C++, C# or Java, developers can expect to earn a good, steady income. Salary per annum can range from between $89,000 and $125,000.

With online certifications fast-tracking careers, it is indeed an inexpensive and quick route to learn new skills and grab that dream job in the hottest job categories of tomorrow.

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