Want to promote yourself at work?


HR Katha lists five ways to smartly promote yourself without appearing too pushy. 

Hard work alone will get us nowhere. It is the smart work that takes the cake. Rather than screaming your lungs out, asking for that promotion you deserve, it is always better to self-promote yourself intelligently—such that your boss is compelled to give you your due, and that too, happily.

We list down five ways to promote yourself at work without appearing to pushy or desperate.

1.Add a new skill to your resume
Innovation is the key to success. Just as machines, we need to continuously update ourselves to stay abreast with the constantly evolving times. If you don’t change, you become a dinosaur—extinct! There are plenty of online and offline courses curated especially for the working folk. Join them. It will give you an edge over your counterparts.

2.Volunteer for the multi-layered projects
There is nothing more ego satisfying than instant gratification, but the real win is in the long-term gain. Eye for the bigger gains, scout for projects that will give you a chance to showcase your real talent, handle complex projects, which might not yield immediate results but will go down in your favour in the long run. Handling multi-layered projects is not everyone’s cup of tea and your boss will surely take notice of sincerity. But remember your limitations while taking up any new task at the workplace. Your aim is to shine, not drown in work you cannot handle.

3.Be that delightful co-worker
Nothing is sexier than a smile. Flaunt it as much as you can. A smiling face and a helping attitude will take you places. Kindness never goes unnoticed. Your kind and helping attitude will send positive signals to your boss about your ability to take initiatives and manage people. It will give your boss the confidence to delegate more responsibility and power to you.

4.Brush up your social media skills
You have all the prerequisites to take centre stage; it’s time to show this to the world. Tell the tales of your achievements; it will reach the right ears eventually. Linkedin is the place to be, if you intend to climb up the ladder. Beef up your profile, add your achievements, and constantly update your feed with relevant work achievements. It will not only impress your boss, but also help you get better job opportunities.

5.Push yourself beyond your limits
Last but not the least, let your work do the talking. Never shy away from taking up challenging projects at work. Push yourself beyond your own expectations and you will be amazed at your own capabilities. No one ever learned swimming without entering the pool. Take that plunge you have always been afraid to take. We never realise our true capabilities until and unless our limits are tested.

This is why we suggest that you roll up your sleeves and sign up for that assignment you have been shying away from.


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