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Right facilitation tools for better ROI on learning

A highly engaged workforce is not only more productive, but can drive higher levels of customer satisfaction, profit and shareholder returns. There is a...

Cadila thinks out-of-the-box, encourages learning through Whatsapp

Other than the ‘Good Morning’ messages, people now use WhatsApp to exchange notes and necessary information. These exchanges are usually restricted to personal use....

Regulation Change to Strengthen Skills Based Work

There is a lot of noise around the skills-jobs predicament that severely impedes India’s economic prosperity ambitions. Rightly so, given that an estimated 5...

Nanolearning – changing the paradigms

Air, water, food and learning are the essential elements, in the same order, that support life on Earth. Learning is an intrinsic machine fitted...

“Learning experience and aggregation platforms will grow bigger; lead to true...

  New technology will change learning in 2019 Digital technology in the learning space has been on a growth path and will progress further in the...

Skillsoft widens Technology & Developer content portfolio, partners with ITProTV and...

Skillsoft, the technology company that specialises in corporate learning, has entered into a strategic partnership with ITProTV and Loonycorn, to deliver hundreds of additional...

SBI to help transform HR at NBI Kathmandu; MoU signed

State Bank of India signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National Banking Institute (NBI), Kathmandu (Nepal) to set up a strategic alliance...

How ‘design thinking’ can transform your talent development strategies

Ever wondered what goes behind creating the new innovative products – such as those of Apple? Thanks to design thinking, we have these amazing...

Future of learning is in up-skilling, re-skilling and cross-skilling

Kelly Palmer, chief learning officer, Degreed, talks to HRKatha about how the learning paradigm is changing, and how this career-long learning platform offers curated, self-directed, outcome- driven learning.

Skillsoft and Shine partner to enhance learning

Skillsoft’s high-quality learning content will help Shine Learning users close the skills gap in the rapidly evolving job market.

How placing content at the core can reinvent corporate learning 

Today’s multi-generational workforce is dominated by millennials who expect their LMS platforms to deliver the same user experience as a Google or a Netflix. 

How mobile and AI are redefining learning

Here is how mobile and AI ensure simplified, need-based, on the go and more impactful learning than conventional learning-delivery mechanisms.

What’s in a mobile first learning platform powered by AI

Now that innovative learning solutions, with SAAS- and AI-backed systems, are on offer, organisations need to strategically plan learning interventions.

How this bot simplifies learning at Kohler India

KOHLER India’s Sales Training Academy, recently launched KOBOT on the Facebook Messenger platform to help people learn at their own pace, based on their needs.

Why 2018 will be the year of learning: Kinjal Choudhary

Driven by an HR community that understands business just as well as the line managers do, the learning and development initiatives will see innovative turns this year.

Rahul Varma elevated as senior managing director-talent at Accenture

Varma joined the Company in 1994 as team member of the HR team and grew up the ranks

Skillsoft to provide equal access to learning content for all employees

The Accessibility Programme Office will ensure that everyone within the workforce has equal access to its learning content and technology.

Paytm Mall’s ‘Campus Icon’ to offer industry-focussed learning

As part of this six-week programme, student participants will be assigned a range of skill-enhancing tasks.

Skillsoft’s Percipio: Redefining e-learning

Percipio is a cloud-based, content delivery and learning platform.

Role of talent analytics in redefining learning culture

Talent analytics is the catalyst that’s gaining immense importance in making learning more agile and accurate.

How technology drives the self-developing organisation

A self-developing organisation requires a unified approach and some smart technology to enable employees to seamlessly follow their growth paths.

Five ways AI impacts the workforce

One in seven HR leaders agree that automation/artificial intelligence is already impacting their workforce plans.

The biggest millennial learning myth

Millennials prefer micro-learning videos, research has found that multiple generations view digital books as a vitally important learning mode.

SBI and Oracle India launch digital skills programme

‘D-Change’— one of the largest digital and joint employee-volunteer programmes— will support education and learning, women’s empowerment and rural skills development in the country.

Social Sabbatical: Learning with humility

Social sabbatical refers to social work, done away from the regular work schedule, for the general good of the society.

New Year Special: The Learning Zodiac: 2016

As the new year starts knocking on the door, there will be predictions galore. So, here is what Abhijit Bhaduri thinks could be the future of learning for each sun sign. Pun Intended, just read and enjoy!

How to maintain the learning curve for Gen X

Gen X is unique in the sense that they have had hands on experience of the both the old and new world, which has enhanced their adaptability quotient and also makes them amenable to various tools and approaches for learning, rather than sticking to one way only.

Toyota transforms raw talent into world class skill champions

At the Toyota Kirloskar Motors Gurukul, raw talent undergoes structured training to become job ready and emerge as specialist skilled workers.

How role plays help learning in real time

Role plays can be powerful learning tools as they engage the participants and sustain their interest



Six leadership development truths organisations cannot do without in the digital...

Believe it or not, leadership development is growing as a concern for most organisations with every passing day. Traditional leadership rubrics are being ruled...

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‘Listen’ to ensure employee engagement

If you look for the definition of ‘listening’ on Google, you will get many versions— ‘give one's attention to a sound’; ‘take notice of...

Five ways to build internal branding for Gen Z

Nowadays, company culture speaks louder than money. Workers may easily switch to lower paying jobs if the company culture aligns with their beliefs. Companies...

Employee engagement: How much has changed in India, in the past five years?

Engagement at work is highest among employees in India than in other countries reveals a survey. ADP Research Institute’s recent global survey revealed that...


Alkem leverages customised e-learning to train its sales force

Competition is getting tougher, irrespective of the industry. There is a wide variety of products and services on offer, each one trying to outdo...

Kamal Vatnani joins Ensono as India leader – culture and people experience

Kamal Vatnani has joined Ensono LLP, as the India leader for culture and people experience. With over 20 years of progressive experience in HR...

National Education Policy- Enough focus on vocational education? – Part II

It is heartening to note the prominence given to vocational education in the Additional Key Focus Areas section of the report. The report gives a clarion...

6 robots wait on diners at Bengaluru restaurant

A Bengaluru restaurant has now got six robots that serve food to its customers. Of the six robots at this Robot Restaurant in Indiranagar,...



“Archaic HR processes force millennials to switch jobs often,” Niti Khosla, lead people analytics...

Friendly and jolly Niti Khosla, lead-people analytics and business impact, Novartis International, is a true HR leader with the ability to understand people and...

“Traditional organisations use ‘startups’ as proxy to build an agile organisation,” Rahul Garg, founder,...

Moglix offers a variety of products from safety and electronics to office tools. The Company aims to make an impact worth $100 billion dollars...

“A true leader is not dependent on title or designation,” Dwarakanath

It was a Friday afternoon, when the HRKatha team got the opportunity to meet a man who is not just a recognised leader but...