Unique bots and apps making HR faster and smarter


Some HR apps and bots that have the power to provide HR an edge over various tasks that they do and how they do it

Technology and AI have certainly empowered HR to take smarter and informed strategic decisions, than ever before. Eliminating the mundane tasks, analytics and AI allow HR professionals to focus more on the human aspect of their roles, making them more meaningful and impactful. HR professionals now need to have a thorough understanding of what these tools and technologies can offer, and which one suits an organisation or its workforce the best.

While selecting the most suitable technology may itself be a complicated task, here is a list of some exceptional HR apps and bots capable of providing HR an advantage while they accomplish various tasks and the manner in which they do it.

Saberr is a people analytics app which predicts culture fit while hiring employees. Good culture fit and relationships don’t just make a team happier, but also more productive, and this is what this app helps ensure. To predict a fit, Saberr first needs to know about the existing team. For this, it makes the team do a fun (honestly!) 20-minute survey to understand their values and preferences.

Each candidate being considered for hiring also takes a survey, and is assessed against the team by an algorithm. Every time you invite somebody, you’ll see predictions of their team fit and working relationships in the app.

Drafted can be a game changer for your team if you believe that referrals are the best source of great hires. It automatically matches people in your team’s network to vacancies at your company, and makes intelligent suggestions about who you can refer, and how to get the intro to them. This bot can:

– Make personalised suggestions regarding whom to refer, to every single member of your team
– Notify hiring managers about incoming referrals for their jobs
– Onboard various groups of people within the company into Drafted

And, above all, Drafted is completely free for teams with under 10 members. In addition, it offers free trials for everyone, and has a monthly price based on the number of open jobs at the organisation and the size of the team thereafter.

Talla helps companies manage and prioritise inquiries. Doing away with the conventional load of e-mails, chat messages, and drop-ins to one’s desk, Talla provides an easy-to-use dashboard to manage, prioritise, and respond to inquiries, all in one place. You need to answer the repetitive questions just once and then never bother about them again, as the bot will memorise and store the information for later use.

It also helps keep employees engaged while on-boarding new recruits as they may need information continuously to learn about their job and company. It can deliver any information relevant to setting employees up for success and become a strategic business partner by automating the repetitive HR tasks. It shares real-time data to understand employee engagement, problem areas, and inquiries, and generates reports to understand the overall health of the organisation.

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