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How technology enables large teams to be productive

During our past discussions with industry leaders regarding the perfect team size, it had become apparent that both small and large teams have their...

“Every CEO should have had a run through HR before becoming...

It’s been less than a year since Johnny C. Taylor Jr., SHRM-SCP, took over as the president and CEO of Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM). A practising lawyer and a seasoned HR professional, Taylor has authored a book The Trouble with HR: An Insider's Guide to Finding and Keeping the Best People.

He was in India recently and took out time to chat with Lipi Agrawal of HRKatha. Here are the excerpts of the interview, where he talks about the changing landscape of HR and the role of technology in it.

Majority of Indian firms to use AI to increase employee productivity

IT sector to benefit most from adopting AI.

Compensation & Benefits: Startup Viewpoint

App-based HR offerings, that are tech savvy and convenient to use are the latest trend

How technology is making HR a more strategic function

HR is now supporting the CEO in decision making by proactively planning workforce capabilities, making it future ready

Unique bots and apps making HR faster and smarter

Some HR apps and bots that have the power to provide HR an edge over various tasks that they do and how they do it

Recruitment goes smarter with Steller Software Technologies’ Param.ai

The platform is powered by analytics and artificial intelligence, which integrates seamlessly with a company’s applicant tracking system.

2017 HR Trends: Can artificial intelligence replace emotional intelligence?

Technology can reduce efforts to build and mine out data for a variety of reports, but can it help in informed decision making.

How technology is weaving magic in human resource management

Technology has changed the hiring process, selecting more appropriate candidates for each job, increasing efficiency and decreasing attrition.

The true purpose of HR, lest we forget!

In the rat race to appear technologically advanced, are HR professionals forgetting something that’s vital to their existence?

Google employees  protest against mass layoffs

Google, the tech giant, recently fired approximately 12,000 employees in January, which resulted in protests from workers in both the US coasts. The workers...


Meta’s middle managers are now on notice

Having sacked over 11,000 employees in a layoff news that created waves, Meta is now looking to axe middle-management roles. The tech giant has already...

7 companies lay off their workforce globally

 Match Match Group Inc, the company behind popular dating platforms such as Tinder, Hinge, and OkCupid, announced on Wednesday that it would be laying off...

How ChatGPT can benefit HR

People are raving about the AI chat bot, ChatGPT. Its interactive features and in-depth responses have taken the internet by storm. While the bot...
Gratuity to be paid on termination of employment only after 5 years of service

Will DA increase to 42% for Central government staff?

The employees of the Central government may receive increased dearness allowance soon. It is reported that the Centre is deliberating hiking the DA by...


EQ, IQ & empathy define the success of a CEO

Q. You spent 16 years at LIC before moving to a corporate role at ICICI Prudential. Now, 22 years on, I am still curious...

“The big change has been that we have moved from jobs to skills,” Amaresh...

Q. How would you define the culture at GE? A. Having been present in this region since 1902, GE has been around for 120 years....

“Being good to everyone is being unjust to performers,” Mathew Job, CEO, Crompton

Q. In today’s times, what’s more challenging for a CEO like you — profit & business growth, talent & people, diversification, compliance or managing...